New Music Monday Spotlight of the Week (4/3/23): Set It Off

Set It Off is an American rock band from Tampa, Florida. Types of rock genres include: original rock, pop punk, pop rock, and emo.

The current members of the band are: Cody Carson, Maxx Danziger, and Zach DeWall.

Since 2008, Set It Off has released five studio albums and five EPs. As of now they are under the label, Fearless Labels.

In 2023, the band released their latest single titled, "Punching Bag", which is also listed at number 4 on their popular songs.

Coming in at the number one spot, the song,"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing has over 200 million listens from viewers along with a tally of nearly 3 million monthly listeners.

If you want to hear the wonderful sounds of rock music, go ahead and check out their spotify right now🎸 🎸🎶🎶🎶!!!!