Calhoun County Courthouse

Calhoun County Courthouse in Anniston, Alabama, where Kyree Woods and Amareea Abney had their preliminary hearing on Monday.

This article has been edited since its initial posting.

Two suspects in connection with a shooting near campus on Feb. 11 have been arrested and had their preliminary hearing on Monday for attempted murder.

Kyree Woods was arrested on Feb. 12 by Jacksonville Police Department’s Investigations Sergeant Matt Johnston, according to court records. Amareea Abney was arrested on Feb. 15, also by Johnston, according to court records.

Their preliminary hearing Monday on the charge of attempted murder resulted in a date for a grand jury hearing on April 18 at 1:30 p.m., according to Judge Randy Moeller. This hearing is open to the public. 

Woods is represented by Doug Ghee and Abney is represented by William Broome and William Broome Jr. Ghee declined to comment on the case. 

Efforts to obtain more information via arrest records were unsuccessful. The Jacksonville Police Department’s Chief Wood denied Chanticleer staff the access to the public records. According to the Alabama Open Records Law and Code of Alabama 1975, §36-12-40, arrest records are open to the public. Wood gave Chanticleer staff one of the two arrest records during an interview a week after the initial request.