Photo provided by Gamecock Village

Suspect arrested by Jacksonville Police Department in connection with a shooting at off-campus student housing, Gamecock Village, on Tuesday night.

According to a statement from Chief Wood, there was a disturbance that broke into a fight and a shot was allegedly fired, though nobody was injured.

Kaelyn Mosher, sophomore resident at GCV was outside when the incident occurred and agreed to give a personal account to The Chanticleer.

“My dog and I were coming back from a friend’s apartment at the Pointe. When I got to the front of our building, I heard four gunshots and ran up to my unit,” she said.

Mosher said it was very scary and confusing, she called JPD as soon as she got into her unit.

“It was quickly determined that it was an isolated incident,” Wood said via phone interview.

There were no weapons located on the property; however, JPD did find a bullet casing and believe the weapon was a handgun. They are not releasing the kind of casing until further investigation, according to the chief.

“We did indeed arrest one individual on the scene for attempting to elude and obstructing a government operation,” he said.

There were several people involved, but Wood said it is hard to corral people that do not want to be corralled, this is normal for an incident of this kind. He said JPD’s primary concern is the safety of the community. At one point, three of his officers had to separate.

“At least three black males run and so now we have three officers in three different foot pursuits, which is also dangerous,” he said.

Gamecock Village management released a statement on Wednesday morning.

"Please know that your safety and comfort are a top priority to us. We’ve arranged for Signal 88 Security to conduct thorough walks throughout our community throughout the night also heavier patrol from JPD," they said.

In response to what may be important for students to know, the chief said to say something if you see something.

“I think it’s important that students know what could happen when you invite non-students to areas such as Gamecock Village. We believe some of these individuals were not students at Jacksonville State,” he said.

Wood said to call the authorities if anything suspicious happens, on or off campus.