Angle Hall

Angle Hall and the new Miriam and James Haywood Memorial Fountain. The fountain is was funded by donations JSU Alumni Miriam and James Haywood. It was the first water feature constructed on the JSU campus. The fountain was completed in 2022.

Out-of-state graduate tuition was lowered $165 at the JSU Board of Trustees meeting Jan. 10.

According to Christie Shelton, Provost of Academic Affairs, the current tuition rate for out-of-state graduate students is $820 per credit hour; the new approved rate is $655 per hour.

The Alabama Code sets boundaries for colleges concerning what they can charge non-resident students.

The new rate is the same as out-of-state undergraduate tuition but still abides by the boundaries set in place by the Alabama Code, Shelton said.

A major reason tuition was lowered is because a majority of the graduate classes are online; very few are in person, according to Shelton. The Masters in Athletic Training is one of the few examples with in-person classes, she said.

“Now, [out-of-state graduate students] will pay $655 per hour which allows us to be more competitive,” Shelton said.