A high scoring game for JSU against Mercer

Photo courtesy of Katie Alexander/JSU

Jo Mayo,Correspondent

Jacksonville State played against Mercer in baseball on the Rudy Abbott field on April 27. This chilly evening was filled with a lot of exciting plays and several runs, resulting in a high scoring loss of 17-10.

The game started out calm and slow. Frederick and Reeves were able to get on base, but nobody scored for either team in the first inning. In the second, Alexander hit a home run through left field and put the first score on the board.

In the top of the third, Mercer matched this and scored, tying the game 1-1; however, JSU changed this soon after. Manners walked, and Reeves hit a single to left-center, bringing Manners home.

The fourth inning is where the score really picked up. Mercer scored eight runs in this inning by securing several runs and getting a grand slam. For JSU, Putnam was the only one to get a hit but did not end up scoring.

Even though Mercer completed four more runs in the top of the fifth and had a huge lead of 13-2, the Gamecocks did not give up hope. With six hits, they were able to score eight runs. Frederick was the first to score as he eventually made his way through the bases. Strachan was the next to score after a single to left field and advancing one base at a time. 

With a few more singles and a double, Domino, Alexander, Crowe, Bryan, Coker, and Causey all scored. Everyone on the lineup was able to hit this inning, and Frederick was the last to hit a single which went through center field, but he was left on base. 

Mercer scored one more run in the top of the sixth, but no other runs were scored until the ninth inning; however, JSU did manage a few hits and left two on base for both the seventh and eighth inning.

With a close score of 14-10, Mercer scored three more runs in the final inning, and the Gamecocks could not catch back up, ending the game 17-10.

Jacksonville State University is now 18-21 in their seasonal record. They will travel to Florence for their next games, which will be in a weekend series at the University of North Alabama on April 29, 30, and May 1. With being 11-7 in the ASUN conference, these next games will affect this record.