JSU Jazz

JSU jazz students scheduled to perform at the Redbird Coffeehouse.

JSU will host Music Monday on Feb. 20 at 6 p.m. at the Redbird Coffeehouse. Dr. Andy Nevala, Director of Jazz Studies, started Music Mondays for students to get performance exposure. 

“Music Mondays is something I’ve put together to help the students gain valuable performance experience performing in front of their peers,” Nevala said. 

Music Mondays have been around since about 2013. At first students would perform at Wake and Bake Pizza and Coffee, which was a local restaurant at that time, then at LocoMex and now at Heirloom Taco and the Redbird Coffeehouse, according to Nevala. Nevala said that the performances include genres such as classical and pop, but mostly Jazz.

“We have expanded into the classical and pop world to include more music students and give them an opportunity to perform in front of an audience,” Nevala said. 

Performance location varies, with smaller groups at Redbird and bigger ones at Heirloom Taco, according to Nevala. 

Music Mondays are an opportunity not only for students, but for the community as well, to get together and enjoy music. 

“With the growing jazz program here at JSU, the groups need opportunities to perform. These performances also bring JSU out into the community, and the economic impact of 100 students showing up to your place of business looking to spend money cannot be understated,” Nevala said.